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Tuval Software Industries, Ltd combines experience and expertise in software development with extensive knowledge of technical documentation, information technology and speech technology. Because of these abilities we have been able to produce powerful software systems in the information technology area.

Tuval has developed a patented method of combining advanced speech technology with PowerPoint® to produce Speech-Over Professional™, a state-of-the-art text-to-speech based platform for cost effective speech-empowerment of presentations for e-learning and technical training videos. Speech-Over provides an easy way of introducing synchronized narration into e-learning courses.


Dr. Joel Harband, Principal and Founder Founder of Tuval Software Industries, Dr. Harband has a Ph. D. in Mathematics from New York University and 25 years of professional experience in software engineering and technical documentation.

Uzziel Harband, CTO and Architect of Speech-Over Professional. Uzziel studied at the Jerusalem College of Technology. He is an experienced software engineer with expertise in C# .NET development.



International Office:
Tuval Software Industries
Nachal Matta 3/4, Beit Shemesh 9963203 Israel

Phone: +972 2 5805029