Benefits Speech-Over Professional Benefits

Cut development time by half.
  • Speech-Over Professional adds instructor’s voice-over narration to PowerPoint-based e-learning and training videos with premium text-to-speech voices, quickly and easily, any time, any place, eliminating the hassle and delays of voice recording.

    Users report a 50% saving in development time.
1/3 the cost of professional voice recording
  • According to published rates, the cost of using voice talents to record narration is 7.7 cents/word. The cost of using Speech-Over to generate narration is 2.4 cents/word, mainly due to the time spent editing the text. Thus, Speech-Over costs 1/3 the cost of voice talents.
Keep courses up to date with a changing reality
  • No more hard-to-revise recorded videos, which quickly become obsolete. Speech-Over’s powerful editing features make it easy to change PowerPoint voice narration on a slide.

    Authors can manipulate the PowerPoint narration on the clip level, reordering the clips and moving them between objects. With TTS voices, they change the narration by just editing the narration clip text. This fast updating lets developers keep presentations accurate and up to date.

    Customers report 75% faster updates.
Complete Narration Solution
  • Authors can use microphone recording, audio files and realistic text-to-speech voices in combination in a PowerPoint presentation - even on the same slide.

    Text-to-speech voices are available in all major languages and dialects.
Integration with PowerPoint
  • Speech-Over is a plug-in for PowerPoint so no compiler, procedure or special software is needed. Since developers in software they are familiar with Speech-Over is easily learned and quickly adopted into an organization.

    Speech-Over takes advantage of PowerPoint's integration into Articulate and Camtasia to easily produce narrated videos for the web.
TTS Voices are Licensed for Commercial Use
  • Speech-Over Professional includes a commercial voice license for using its TTS voices with PowerPoint commercially in the licensee company or institution. Licenses for selling the audio presentations are available. Be aware that "Personal" TTS software products are not licensed for commercial applications.
Move From Classroom to On-Line E-Learning
  • Because it produces narrated videos that are easy to change and maintain, Speech-Over Professional allows companies to move from classroom-based, instructor-led training to on-line, self-paced, instructor–narrated global e-learning, a move that yields significant savings for companies that provide a large number of courses to employees that are spread out globally.