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Corporate Training

wiproRaj Kothandaraman, Head of Wipro Technologies VLSI Design uses Speech-Over for their world-wide web-based training to reduce costs in content creation and administration. “We wanted to make it easier to update and revise our courses by not having to hunt for the original professional voice whenever changes are to be done and, even better, not to have to use a professional voice at all to save cost. We were also looking at a Text-To-Speech (TTS) conversion tools to embed audio into the Microsoft PowerPoint for ease of content creation. Tuval Software Industries’ Speech-Over text-to-speech software solution met these requirements very well. See article in Speech Technology Magazine tysonLogoDaniel Moreno, complex maintenance trainer at Tyson Fresh Meats in Holcomb, Kansas uses the software to train employees. “Speech-Over is very useful, convenient and efficient software. It makes my job easier and is friendly to use. I use it on all my PowerPoint training presentations. Also the technical support is great.

University Courses

widenerLogoProfessor Charles Nippert, an engineering professor at Widener University in Pennsylvania, uses Speech-Over to provide on-line demonstrations for his students. “Your software is terrific! I am revising an online course and this is just what I need to provide online demonstrations quickly and economically.

K-12 Education

efterskoleBjarne Lund Henneberg, a high school educator at the Emmerske Efterskole in Tonder, Denmark, pioneered using Speech-Over to add voices (in Danish) to his driving theory course for young people with reading difficulties. “I’m an educator at a the Emmerske Efterskole, a school where young people who have difficulty reading and writing can study for a driver's license. The challenge was that many of these young people, between 15 and 18, are not able read a normal driving theory book. To assist them, I prepared training presentations in PowerPoint. However, to really understand the material, they needed a voice narration to accompany the slide text. I was happy to find Speech-Over to help me add the voices for these presentations. I have been using Speech-Over now for more than a half year. It´s easy to work with and the students have all told me that it has been a great help for them on the way to their licenses.

Small to Medium Business Presentations

Dave Barton, Co-Founder of BlueSwarf Manufacturing Laboratories a firm that specializes in custom designed tooling systems, uses Speech-Over to create and deploy narrated presentations.

“Speech-Over enables us to quickly deploy PowerPoint presentations that are self running and narrated. Their software is intuitive, easy to edit and delivers professional sounding results. Viewers retain more when they HEAR it as well as SEE it.

Dr. Thomas R. Reim, President of DreimLens, Inc., uses Speech-Over to develop narrated instructional presentations for training optometrists and lab technicians in remote locations.

“Your program is excellent for small businesses.

By profession, I am an optometrist. I developed and patented a contact lens that is worn at night and reshapes the cornea. I have labs that manufacture the lens but I need to do trouble shooting for the optometrists and train the lab staff.

It is just not practical to travel to each location and train them how to fit the lens. I wanted to develop short instructional presentations that would replace my need for extensive travel.

I need easily generated and changeable training media. I paid $10,000 for a DVD presentation and never used it because it was outdated by the time it was ready for distribution. Now I can change the presentations as needed.

A standard PowerPoint presentation just is not enough. Using PowerPoint with voice is the perfect combination. A voice-over combined with the graphics and animation adds just the right amount of excitement to make it successful.

I searched the internet to see what was available and Speech-Over seemed to suit my needs the best.

Ease of use is very important to me because it saves me valuable time. Your Office 2007 interface makes it much easier and faster to use features such as clips tied to objects. I especially like the ability to edit the voice clip on the fly and being able to move the text/voice clip as a group instead of individually from the custom animation window.

The comments have been very positive on the final result.

I find your program is well worth the money.