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ABCs of Speech-Over

Learn how Speech-Over syncs the narration automatically with slide animations - text and graphic - without any time-line editing.

How it uses the voice-over to explain complex slide graphics.

And how it produces effective and engaging presentations for learning and training.

Produce Audio Presentations Any Time, Any Place

Add audio narration to presentations any time, any place - without any mic recording or voice talents - even on a plane.


Add Voice to PowerPoint Slides From Any Source

This versatile, all-in-one software lets you add and combine voice narration in PowerPoint slides from any source: mic recording, import sound files, and text to speech - and you can add background sound.

For example: Develop the narration with text to speech to save time and for the final version replace TTS with recorded voice talent.


Use Speech-Over With Popular Course Development Tools

Speech-Over works with PowerPoint-based course development tools such as Camtasia, Articulate and iSpring.


Here’s how it works:

  • Speech-Over users add presenter's script texts to PowerPoint slides. The texts are stored off-screen.
  • Speech-Over turns the presenter's texts into audio narration clips with text to speech voices.
  • Speech-Over syncs the audio narration with PowerPoint slide visual animations to produce the effect of a live presenter.
  • Convert the audio presentation into a video immediately with PowerPoint 2010/2013 alone.

Perform Updates and Revisions Fast

Update and revise voice-over narration by text editing alone and only where needed. Save 75% time.

Keep all your courses up-to-date easily with even small changes in content. The same voice is always available.

Use Speech-Over with Camtasia©, Articulate©, and iSpring©.

Shorten development time by 50%

With no voice recording needed, authors can add narration to presentations any time, any place - right on the computer.

Makes course development more efficient, and shortens development time by 50%.

Self-Paced, narrated global e-learning

Move from classroom-based, instructor-led training to on-line, self-paced, instructor–narrated global e-learning. Achieve significant savings in time and travel expenses.

Return on Investment in One Month

One Speech-Over license costs less than a professional voice talent for a month.

Diction and phrasing of a professional voice

Speech-Over users add special punctuation in the narration text to make the text to speech voices speak with the diction and phrasing of a professional voice.


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