learningIconSpeech-Over Professional Tutorials

1  Download and Install

2  Setting Initial Preferences

  • Setting preferences prior to first usage.

3  Adding Narration to a Slide (Slide Clip)

  • Adding narration to the slide background with a slide narration clip
  • Adding multiple voice narrations on a slide.
  • Editing a Slide Clip
  • Using the Clip Organizer
  • Changing the playing order of slide clips with the Clip Organizer

4 Synchronizing Narration with Animated Screen Objects (Shape Clip)

  • Synchronizing narration with animated screen objects using shape narration clips
  • Adding a shape clip to a screen object
  • Changing the animation effect
  • Changing the playing order of shape clips with the Clip Organizer
  • Deleting a shape clip

5 Copying and Pasting Narration Clips Between Screen Objects

  • Copying and pasting a narration clip between PowerPoint shapes
  • Editing narration clips on the Clips Editor
  • Deleting a shape with a narration clip attached
  • Working with PowerPoint groups

6  Make Narration Better Understood by Punctuation, Modulation and Pauses

  • Adding punctuation, pauses and emphasis
  • Adjusting speed, volume, and pitch.

7   Make the Narration Eloquent by Adding Rhetorical Pauses

  • Adding rhetorical pauses for more realistic and eloquent narration

8   Setting Speech-Over Preferences