UsesLeading Uses of Speech-Over Professional

Fast Production of E-Learning Courses and Training Videos

  • Create narrated PowerPoint-based e-learning courses and training videos fast and put them on-line and update them easily. TTS voices have proven to be excellent for this type of application because of their clarity and consistency - qualities that are most important for learning.
  • Listen to the Usain Bolt video above to hear how well the voice explains complex technical subjects in an interesting way. After the first slide, you are not aware that it is a text to speech voice.
  • Students quickly accept the fact that the voices are not real. Best results are achieved when students are informed of this in advance.
Develop With TTS Voices; Produce With Real Voices
  • In this type of application a real voice is desired. To maximize efficiency and minimize costs, developers use Speech-Over during course development to hear how the voice is integrated and verify the script. Then, when the presentation is finalized they replace the TTS voice with a human voice talent before publishing. This approach achieves the benefits of both types of voices: the speed and efficiency of TTS and the superior quality of a real voice, where the costs and scheduling of real voice are at a minimum since only one, final, recording is needed.
On-Line Education Courses
Students in Computer Lab
  • Create audio-visual lessons and courses with teacher’s voice in PowerPoint - and put them on-line for e-learning. They are great teaching aids and learning aids to help students learn the subject material and for students that were absent from class.
Frequently Repeated Presentations
  • Automate frequently-repeated narrated PowerPoint presentations, such as a plant safety orientation.
Support for Live Presentations
  • Use TTS voices prior to a live presentation to see how your presentation script will sound.
  • Perpetuate an important one-time PowerPoint presentation as a narrated “leave-behind” for people who couldn’t attend.
Support for the Disabled
  • A visually disabled reader can access an archived narrated PowerPoint presentation. Provides slide narration capability for presenters with speech disabilities or language difficulties. Subtitles are provided for the hearing disabled.
  • The Speech-Over product is capable of addressing the US Federal Section 508 electronic requirements by being accessible for individuals with hearing loss, those with auditory processing challenges and those with low vision or blindness.