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Bring Your PowerPoint® and E-Learning Videos to Vivid Life
With Automated Voice Over Narration Software

A Quick and Inexpensive Way to Get a Voice-Over With Maximum Effect

Success Program for e-Learning and Training Course Developers

Speech-Over 5

"Short technical/repair training modules that took us a month or more to develop and schedule voice-over, now literally take us just days to develop start to finish, right on the desktop."

CheckPointIconMark Hoefle, Lead Courseware Developer, Check Point Software Technologies.

"The tool is so easy to use and has features that allow you to be as creative as you want."

MotorolaIconCathy Hurley, Training Developer, Motorola

"An easy, smart and effective plugin for PowerPoint."

VEGAlogoWolfgang Werner, Technical Documentation, VEGA Grieshaber KG

Make Learning Come Alive
Adding voice narration to courses can greatly increase learning quality and retention by simulating a live presenter. Let's see why:
  • Learners can use both visual and auditory channels – doubling the information input.
  • A narrator can emphasize certain words and phrases in a sentence to bring out its exact meaning and importance – something that punctuated text can't always do.
  • A voice establishes an emotional and personal connection and presence which can motivate learning.
  • A narrator holds the learners attention and leads them along at a definite pace that can make the learning more efficient.

Add Voice-Overs Quickly and Easily
Add effective and professional voice narration to courses quickly and inexpensively with Speech-Over.
  • Presentation authors and course developers generate narration in PowerPoint® presentations right on their computer - without any microphone recording and voice talents.
  • Speech-Over's text to speech add-in generates narration from within PowerPoint immediately and transparently without any hassle. No need to generate narration externally and import the sound file.
  • Automatically syncs the narration with PowerPoint slide visual animations - without any time-line editing and sound file manipulation.

Easily Convert to e-Learning Videos
Authors can convert the automated voice over to e-learning videos easily with their favorite e-learning tools PPT, Camtasia®, Articulate® and iSpring®.

Authors can create interactive narration for better e-learning with Speech-Over and Storyline®. All developer resources are provided.

Save Big on Changes and Updates
Make changes in narration easily by just editing text. No more re-recording, update only what is needed. This means big savings for presentations that are frequently changed. And, the same exact voice is always available.

Authors can add voice narration to PowerPoint any time, any place, and work as a team to achieve tight production deadlines.

Bring TTS Voices to Perfection
The latest speech technology produces a natural, professional voice-over from any text input.

Control the articulation and phrasing of TTS voices in the Sapi editor. Following simple grammar-based guidelines, add special punctuation in the text that creates the pauses and accents of a real professional voice over.

Speech-Over provides three types of pause punctuation:
  • "|" - A short rhetorical pause to break a sentence into clauses and phrases and to accent words.
  • "—" - A pause of half a second to separate a phrase.
  • "¶" - A long pause to separate major ideas.
And, modulate speed, pitch and volume and adjust the pronunciation of difficult words and expressions.

TTS Voices With Commercial License
Speech-Over includes commercial TTS voice licenses for using the voices legally in a company or institution. This is the reason that Speech-Over is priced higher than personal TTS readers that cannot be used commercially.
  • Speech-Over Professional includes a commercial TTS voice license for using the voices in the licensee company or institution such as producing e-learning or training for employees or customers.
  • Speech-Over Supreme includes a commercial TTS voice license for selling the audio presentations produced.
  • Speech-Over Personal includes a personal license and so is priced lower.
Each license includes 3 installations of the product.

Speech-Over Narration Software For Any User - Commercial and Personal

Speech-Over Professional

● Speech-Over Professional - Rapid and cost effective narration software for producing audio presentations and videos for business, education and training in institutions, corporations and government. Includes Acapela premium TTS voices Tracy and Rod with commercial license. Now $299.

New: Speech-Over Professional with German voices Julia and Klaus is now available.

Speech-Over Personal

● Speech-Over Personal - Low cost professional narration software for producing audio presentations and videos for home, family, school and community. Includes Heather and Ryan, premium quality TTS voices from Acapela Group with a personal license for using the voice. Only $99.

Speech-Over Cool

● Speech-Over Cool - Low-cost voice-over software for those new to text-to-speech narration in presentations. Great for producing audio presentations and videos for any application. Has all the features of the professional version. Includes cool MS Speech Platform TTS voices with unrestricted license. $99.

Speech-Over Supreme

● Speech-Over Supreme - Rapid and cost effective narration software for producing audio presentations and videos for sale. Includes Acapela premium TTS voices Heather and Ryan with unlimited redistribution license. $220/month.

Training Managers and Course Developers Trust and Rely on Speech-Over


Training managers and course developers in companies like CheckPoint, Motorola, Otis Elevator, and VEGA Grieshaber KG, trust and rely on Speech-Over.

Watch the video and hear what they have to say.