Add voice-overs quickly and easily - save big on changes and updates.

Add Voice-Overs Quickly and Easily
Add effective and professional voice narration to courses quickly and inexpensively with Speech-Over.
  • Presentation authors and course developers generate narration in PowerPoint® presentations right on their computer - without any microphone recording and voice talents.
  • Speech-Over's text to speech add-in generates narration from within PowerPoint immediately and transparently without any hassle. No need to generate narration externally and import the sound file.
  • Automatically syncs the narration with PowerPoint slide visual animations - without any time-line editing and sound file manipulation.
Add Narration in Seconds

Save Big on Changes and Updates
Make changes in narration easily by just editing text. No more re-recording, update only what is needed. This means big savings for presentations that are frequently changed. And, the same exact voice is always available.

Authors can add voice narration to PowerPoint any time, any place, and work as a team to achieve tight production deadlines.
Speech-Over: the background and how it works

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