Create effective and motivating voice-overs with eloquent text to speech software.

Make text to speech eloquent with special text punctuation.
The latest speech technology produces a natural voice-over from any text input. Not robotic any more, but still a bit boring and monotonous.

Speech-Over livens up TTS voices by adding the pauses and accents of a real professional voice over. Developers add special pause punctuation in the text with the SAPI editor following simple grammar-based guidelines.

Speech-Over provides three types of pause punctuation:
  • "|" - A short rhetorical pause to break a sentence into clauses and phrases and to accent words.
  • "—" - A pause of half a second to separate a phrase.
  • "¶" - A long pause to separate major ideas.
And, developers can modulate voice speed, pitch and volume and adjust the pronunciation of difficult words and expressions.

Mike’s challenge to text to speech voices

Some people still think that text to speech voices have bad articulation, putting accents on the wrong words and syllables.

With Speech-Over's voice punctuation, introduced in version 5, this is no longer true.

Watch the video and see how Speech-Over proves its ability to create articulate speech with text to speech voices.


Narration Makes Learning Come Alive
Adding voice narration to courses can greatly increase learning quality and retention by simulating a live presenter. Let's see why:
  • Lets learners use both visual and auditory channels – increasing the information input.
  • Emphasizes certain words and phrases in a sentence to bring out its exact meaning and importance – something that punctuated text can't always do.
  • Establishes an emotional and personal connection and presence which motivates learning.
  • Holds the learners attention and leads them along at a definite pace that makes the learning more efficient.

TTS Voices With Commercial License .
Speech-Over includes commercial TTS voice licenses for using the voices legally in a company or institution. This is the reason that Speech-Over is priced higher than personal TTS readers that cannot be used commercially.
  • Speech-Over Professional includes a commercial TTS voice license for using the voices in the licensee company or institution such as producing e-learning or training for employees or customers.
  • Speech-Over Supreme includes a commercial TTS voice license for selling the audio presentations produced.
  • Speech-Over Personal includes a personal license and so is priced lower.
Each license includes 3 installations of the product.

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