Real-world examples of videos produced using Speech-Over.

See how the voice-over is synchronized with the PowerPoint animations.

Voice Explains the Math of Running
Syncing Voice-overs With PowerPoint Animations

Geetesh’s Creation on Indezine
Produced with Speech-Over and Captivate

PresentationFeatures DemonstratedHTML/ FlashYou Tubeauthor StreamDownload PPT
Calculating Usain Bolt’s PowerSynchronization of Paul’s voice with screen animations StartStartStart
Jane Meets Mr. RochesterVoice modulation with SAPI voice editor starring HeatherStartStartStartStart
CompUSA Legal PresentationPaul’s voice in a legal presentation on a company web site – click View TutorialStart   
Concepts of Calculus with Professor PaulPaul’s voice in an e-learning lesson (Flash version produced with Captivate)StartStart