Automatically Syncs Voice-Overs with Animations

Automated voice over syncs with PPT visuals to create the impact of a live presenter in e-learning
Speech-Over does more than read the text on the PowerPoint slide.

Narration texts that are entered and stored off-screen, describe and explain individual text bullet and graphic objects on the slide like a presenter would.

Speech-Over speaks the narration text in perfect sync with the appearance of the bullet or graphic.

The result has the learning impact of a live presentation.

Animated Storytelling With Connected PowerPoint® Motion Paths and Speech-Over

Create Simple But Effective Animated Stories

Sometimes you need a simple, basic animation to illustrate a concept or idea, show a process, explain a system. An animation that doesn’t require advanced animation software.

Tuval engineers have succeeded in creating captivating and effective narrated animations quickly and easily with PowerPoint and Speech-Over only - with the same basic method that is used in advanced 3D animation software like Autodesk®. And, the narration is automatically synched with the graphics.

View these animations. They were produced with PowerPoint and Speech-Over only. →

See below for a tutorial on how it's done.

Tutorial: Learn How to Create Narrated 3D Animations with PowerPoint

This tutorial teaches the fundamentals of making 3D animations and gives you the tools to make your own narrated videos with PowerPoint and Speech-Over⇒.

We would love to see your creations: Send us a narrated animation that you created with PowerPoint and Speech-Over. If it is really good we will post it (with your permission).


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