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The Fastest and Easiest-to-Use Software for Adding Voice Narration to PowerPoint® and e-Learning Courses

Automatic voice-over software creates lively and motivating e-learning and training - quickly and easily, without any microphone recording or voice talents.

This amazing and unique PowerPoint® add-in accepts any narration text, converts it into a teacher's voice, syncs the voice, and automatically generates captions and speaker notes. On-screen text is eliminated.

For Successful e-Learning and Training Course Developers

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Advantages for e-Learning and Training Course Developers:

* Add instructor's voice narration more quickly and easily. Save 50% course development time.

* Keep courses up to date easily with 75% faster updates.

* Add automatic voice overs to your favorite e-learning tool: Articulate, Captivate, i-Spring, Camtasia

* Create effective and motivating voice-overs with articulate text to speech software.

* Get TTS voices with commercial license.

* Return on investment after one project.

* Make learning come alive with effective narration.

Speech-Over Webinar

Joel Harband, CEO of Tuval Software Industries



Using Speech-Over to Add Voice Narration to Power-Point and e-Learning

Webinar times: Each Wednesday at 2:00 PM EST

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